Promoting Mental Wellness Amid the Pandemic

Promoting Mental Wellness Amid the Pandemic

As of writing, the World Health Organization has recorded over 10 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, including approximately 500,000 deaths, and still counting. Because of the rapid increase of infection, the government has taken action to help reduce the contagion by implementing strict quarantine and lockdown protocols. The current situation is pushing massive changes to our daily routines, causing stress and overthinking.

Seniors, being one of those at higher risk of COVID-19, are also prone to mental and emotional breakdowns as communication with their loved ones and family gatherings are becoming limited. However, there is a provider of home care in Little Rock, Arkansas, known as the Le’Feather HomeCare, that can help seniors in communicating with their loved ones through social media and the internet. This can promote better mental and emotional wellness.

They offer home care services that are essential to combating loneliness, anxiety, depression, and the like. Aside from assistance with daily living activities, they also provide compassionate companionship to seniors. This service allows seniors to express their emotions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings, without fear of being judged because there is no judgment at all.

Furthermore, as a trusted provider of senior care in Arkansas, we make sure to spread only verified information from credible sources, like the WHO and CDC. We summarized the information we’ve gathered from these sources about mental health during the pandemic to the following:

  • Stay informed but take a break every once in a while. Follow trusted news channels, health organizations, and the government.
  • Stay connected with friends and families through phone calls, texts, chats, and video calls.
  • Allocate some time to do some arts and crafts or gardening. Explore new things!
  • Eat healthily and sleep well. This will boost your overall well-being.

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