Creative Ways to Remember Taking Medicines

Creative Ways to Remember Taking Medicines

There are several reasons why people neglect their medications. A few of them include the fear of side-effects, high cost of prescriptions, forgetfulness, depression, mistrust, or a misunderstanding of the need for the medicine.

Patients with chronic illness, those who are taking multiple medications, those who have failed to see immediate improvement, and those who don’t feel any difference when they start or stop taking their meds are the ones who are most likely to discontinue their prescription intake.

A provider of Home Care in Little Rock, Arkansas understands how serious medication non-compliance is. Aside from posing serious health consequences, it can also raise healthcare costs. Here are some tips to help you remember taking your medicines:

  • Learn about your medicines
    Learning about the importance of your medications and medical condition can be a strong motivator. Learn about the side effects too so that you can recognize them when they happen. A provider of Senior Care in Arkansas can help you better understand these things.
  • Pillboxes
    Pillboxes are organization tools for your pills that can easily be found at most pharmacies. They are especially useful if you easily forget if you have taken your meds.
  • Electronic applications and pill reminders
    There are apps that help patients remember and track their medication use. For example, the free Pill Reminder App can keep a complete list of all your medications. The app can also help you keep a history of when you have or have not taken your meds.
  • Calendar alerts
    Aside from a smartphone, a simple calendar can also help you monitor your intake. Mark your daily doses on a paper calendar at home, on your computer, or even in your little notebook. This is one of the Home Care Services provided by Le’Feather HomeCare.

If you are worried about your loved ones not taking their meds regularly, let us help.

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